Trump asked Comey to end Flynn investigation - NYT breaking just now

Mar 2015
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Even lacking context and taking the words at face value exactly as they are reported they don't even say that the President ordered Comey to stop to the investigation. This entire story can be boiled down to sour grapes by a humiliated FBI director who is using the media as willing tools to exact vengeance on the President.

In other words - this is just another fake news story that survives only through gossip and innuendo - giving the liberal democrats yet another rumor to have apocalyptic hissy fits over while being cheered on and encouraged by the media so as drive up their ratings. And the cycle continues...
Thank you, unfortunately, though, this story is just another misstep by the guy that I voted for and now am almost ashamed to admit. It would have been far better for Trump to have never asked about an investigation this close to him. I'm hoping that Trump will learn some of theses lessons about how NOT to act as POTUS.

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Jul 2011
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A reasonable post but his longevity will be fine if this silliness is the best they have to offer.

No one voted for Trump because he was politically savvy or knew how to avoid conflicts with the media and his critics. We already knew he was going to be like a bull in a china shop. The President will be judged by his supporters on the basis of his accomplishments and whether or not he constructs the border wall and reforms NAFTA. This stupid and partisan soap opera drama coming out of Washington is not going to hurt him politically with his supporters.
yet when I asked you what Trump had accomplished you refused to answer the question.
Oct 2014
Or tells the DISHONEST MEDIA just how much they suck?? All targets are on the POS's back!! And he's 100% responsible for his own fate.
The nice thing with this case is that the original video is often available... so, when you see a quote like "Mexico isn't sending their best and brightest, they are sending drug dealers (cartels), rapists (80% of women making that trip are raped by the human trafickers), and I'm sure there are some good people (there are a good chunk of Mexicans that work their asses off and just want to have a comfortable life and raise a family. )" (I might not have the quote verbatim, but close enough)

Then, when you hear the above quote and then see ALL THE HEADLINES:
- trump is a racist
- trump hates Mexicans
- trump calls Mexicans rapists
- etc...

It becomes pretty clear who is lying, and the reason why fox, CNN, and the rest of the MSM is just hemorrhaging viewers, while the alternative media is exploding.