Trump asks John Bolton to resign

Jun 2014
United States
I agree to a certain extent. Iraq was an utter flight of fancy and should have been left to its own decline. Same with Lybia. Same with Syria.
But, Afghanistan and the fucks who shielded Bin Laden? They should have been HAMMERED to oblivion out the gate. No holds barred, utter American Rambo.
Ahem. Just my opinion.

Attacking Afghanistan was justified. Attacking Iraq was the work of an addle-brained idiot who wanted to show up his dad while being manipulated by the neocon extremists with which he had unwittingly surrounded himself.
Sep 2016
My own world
We certainly didn't improve the situation by installing the Shah of Iran via a paramilitary, CIA backed coup in the 1950s. We've made a lot of mistakes over the years in our efforts to "fix" the Middle East.
l agree the US shouldn't have gotten involved but it did. Tribes were kept in check as they seem to slide into religious rule or war when left to their own devices and that is just bad for business.
May 2019
A Van Down by the River...
They have to be wiped out=they have kept Afghanistan back from progress.
If we could have done it by now we would have.
They have more territory now than after our first assault. It's a shame and a black eye as far as any "goal" we may have had -- if we even ever had one, but it is what it is. They can hole up in the mountains for as long as it takes and wait us out.
Our time of "victory" has long passed. We do need to extricate ourselves from that hellhole and just paint it a big win (which is a perfect job for Trump).
I agree with those who call for ongoing oversight to spot-check their inevitable rise after we go, but as far as maintaining an occupying force we just lose all around.
But that doesn't mean I want them over for Thanksgiving dinner. I loathe the Taliban and hope they all die of herpes, but now it's up to the Afghans to kick them out.