Trump asks John Bolton to resign

Jan 2007
Jun 2013
Looks like Trump got tired of Bolten doing his job....most probably over the Taliban deal. This is just more evidence Trump is the PABOTUS.

Why We Need John Bolton | National Review
It’s important that this president—any president—get unvarnished advice from his aides, and Bolton is always willing to provide it.
Quite amazing that there is someone in the world that can rub people the wrong way, even more than Trump can.

Someone that does something better than Trump?

As for Trump? Is there anyone that does not bother him?
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Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
The evening national news reported that Bolton had actually resigned. He said he had not been asked to resign by Trump.
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Jun 2014
United States
You can demand for a person to sign as much crap as you want as a condition of employment, in this case all of the things signed have as much legal import as toilet paper.

The optimistic view is that Trump knows this and he's just

1) Counting on his staff to be ignorant and/or easily intimidated
2) Saving his own pride and putting up exterior appearances
3) Though he knows it has zero chance of success, planning for how it is still worthwhile to create an excuse to harass someone in court

The pessimistic view, which I gravitate toward, holds that Trump has convinced himself that NDAs are the solution to all of his potential problems and that he simply doesn't understand that the presidency and federal employees don't work the same way as his company.

And, that he is not capable of learning the truth of the matter, because he's too stupid and arrogant to process new information. Same deal with the tariffs. He embraces their supposed value and considers none of the drawbacks, at least not at first, because he's dumb as shit.

I agree. The essence of Trump is his bone dead stupidity.
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Jan 2007
You guys are willing to throw anyone under the bus once your Orange Godfather says it's time for them to go. Even your most loyal allies.

He never should of been picked in the first place. Surprised you are defending him.
Jun 2019
A red welfare state
So you disagree with his firing?

That must mean you approved of the job he was doing.

And by the way, can you tell us the reason Trump gave for firing him and why you disagree with it?

No, I do not approve of the job Bolton was doing. I'm glad that he's leaving without us being in a war with Iran, however I do agree with him on tRump's ridiculous plan to meet with the Taliban. I could care less the reason tRump gave, he's a damn liar. I think there were several issues and the relationship between Clown Shoes & Bolton was deteriorating, but the straw that broke the camels back was tRump's Camp David plan with the Taliban.

Get this through your head, neither are fit for office. And when someone like Bolton is the reasonable one out of the two, we've got big problems.