Trump blames Democrats and a "few Republicans" for health care bill collapse

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Of course Trump would point the finger at Democrats. That's been his story from the very beginning hasn't it. Yet, it is not the Democrats that are at fault, it is his Republicans. They are the ones who can make the bill happen or kill it. They apparently have chosen to do the latter by their non-support. The Democrats simply want what is best for Americans! They want the proposed Medicaid CUTS taken off from the Republican healthcare bill and most of what Obamacare has provided left in. That is also what the American people are now asking be done. Trump just doesn't get it and it will cost him at the polls next time around for taking that attitude against the people who put him in office in the first place.


Trump blames Democrats and a 'few Republicans' for health care bill collapse - ABC News

"President Donald Trump is pointing the finger at Democrats and a "few Republicans" after Monday night’s collapse of Republicans' Senate health care bill."