Trump calls Chrissy Teigen John Legend’s ‘filthy mouthed wife’

Apr 2012
I was talking about Trump. Just, couldn't help observing that most targets of his Twitter vitriol, from Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren (aka "Pocahontas", as he stupidly nicknamed her) to the four minority Congresswomen he told to "go back" somewhere to now this Chrissy Teigen, among plenty of others, I'm sure, have been women. And I think that's a cowardly and pathetic way for a man to behave...
Insecure, man, deeply insecure. His Mother was not close t her children. Sent him off to boarding school. Rejection, the reason he treats women so badly.. ever notice how he squeezes Melania’s hand after she pushed him away several times?

I bet after seeing that Justin picture she had it rough for a while.
Dec 2006
In the Witness Protection Program
If he said something like that in public, no. Unfortunately for you he has never said anything like that in public. Otherwise, Teigan is a foulmouthed Hollywood wanna be. She should stay home and take care of her babies. Her opinion means nothing to no one but idiot libs.
Your morals are all bendy and twisty and would make really great stocking stuffers.