Trump claims he isnt playing the markets with his trade comments

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
I have long thought he absolutely is. The wild swings he causes in the markets is making a lot of people rich.

President Donald Trump denied that he is under a deadline to reach a preliminary trade deal with China but acknowledged that negotiations are at an important stage as both countries face another round of tariff escalation scheduled to take place on Dec. 15.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 360 points midday after Trump said he liked the idea of waiting until after the 2020 election to strike a deal with China. Stocks could drop even further if Trump goes through with plans to hit almost all remaining imports from China, roughly $160 billion worth of goods, risking a repeat of last December's market plummet.

The injection of new uncertainty over the timing of a deal comes a week after Trump and his senior advisers gave out positive signals that an agreement would be clinched soon.

May 2019
It appears the idiot in chief Trump is WRONG as usual. Sad.

Jul 2014
Sol 3
To a lot of us, the stock market is a black box.

We see what goes in and comes out, but we don't really understand the complexities of quantitative trading and micro transactions.

But we do understand that a whole financial industry somehow generates enormous profits for itself in times of plenty while needing public bailouts when times are bad.

Even if you have a 401k that is doing well you know that the investment bankers and hedge fund managers are doing even better.

They are "in the know" and have the expertise to play volatile markets while the rest of us let it ride.

As for Trump, this is a man who shamelessly attempts to enrich himself at every opportunity.

He brags about how little he pays in taxes, that this shows how "smart" he is.

Given his moral framework, it would be wrong for him not to profit from the market volatility that he himself causes.