Trump defends GOP losses: 'I said Gillespie and Moore would lose'

Feb 2007
In my mind
Ah yes, the Monday morning quarterback, claims that he was right all along.

By all means, let's see where he said Gillespie would lose....prior to the election.

As for Moore, if you knew he was going to lose, then why int he fuck did you campaign for him knowing that and that he was accused of molesting kids?

President Donald Trump on Monday predicted that Republicans will perform “very well” in next year’s midterm elections, touting his party’s record last year in special elections to fill vacant House seats while claiming that he had predicted recent GOP losses in Virginia and Alabama.

“Remember, Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional Races this year. The media refuses to mention this,” the president wrote on Twitter. “I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. I also predicted ‘I’ would win. Republicans will do well in 2018, very well!”

It was not clear why the president put “I” in quotation marks. Trump also amended the Twitter username for Fox News' “Fox & Friends” morning show, a program that gives almost unflinchingly positive coverage of him, to the end of his post