Trump Defends "Legendary Crime Buster" Rudy Giuliani


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
That's a bunch of bull. If a contract was put out on Giuliani he would have been dust in his coffin by now. Given the way he is acting now I would suspect
Giuliani was on the take even then. You know who benefits when the number 1 guy goes to jail? The number 2 guy. It's like pulling weeds. He likely let
the number 2 guys takeover for a price and that's why he is still alive.
PH is so lucky to have so many internet randos who can correct the FBI with made up bullshit.


Former Staff
Apr 2007
Trump corrupts everyone around him, Giuliani being just the latest example.

Barr, Pompeo, Pence, and now apparently Rick Perry too.

There aren't any people of character or substance left in this administration.

Sad day for America.
He's also a Swiffer® for douchebags.