Trump Denies Death Toll In Puerto Rico, Falsely Claims 'Done By The Democrats'.

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
That makes Trump and his response look worse. 40-60 died from the forces of the hurricane while the rest died in the aftermath thanks the the shitty response from the federal government. Could you imagine a Texas or Florida not having power for many months?
True but I think Trump is basically trying to push blame on the PR governor. He claims FEMA gave them a NAVY hospital ship and millions of bottles of water and they left it and didnt use it. He said earlier today, "I got all my info from the governor and thats what he said." The governor is also taking heat in PR as well.
Apr 2015
The false equivalency exists only the minds of Trump fans.

Whataboutisms to justify Trump's lying and stupidity.
You’re kidding right?
Relating a survey to 3,000 literally unseen mystery deaths is not a false equivalency?
You care nothing for your own credibility. That’s a sad thing.
Jan 2007
wanna address the actual topic? Trump is claiming that 3 thousand people did not die. He's claiming that the numbers came from Democrats.
Are either of those things true? Who do we "blame" for what Trump claims himself? And why are you complaining about people simply correcting his false claims. People died and this man is claiming they didn't.
Are you pushing the idea that Trump is responsible for 3000 deaths? If so you are are a fraud.
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Mar 2012
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Are you pushing the idea that Trump is responsible for 3000 deaths? If so you are are a fraud.
look. All I'm asking you do is answer a few questions. Trump claims that 3 thousand people didn't die. True or false? Trump claimed that the numbers were put forth by Democrats in order to make him look bad. True or False? Not everything has to always be about how it effects Trump. All I'm asking for here are minimal standards. Either what he's saying it's true or it's not.