Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters. They’re Listening.

President Donald Trump this week issued a thinly veiled threat of violence against his opponents, saying that members of the police, military and biker gangs could “play it tough” if they “reach a certain point.”

It was a disturbing remark, but even more disturbing is the fact that it’s part of a long history of Trump encouraging his supporters to engage in violence.

OK, Trumpers, you have several options:

1, Claim the MSM is just reporting fake news.
2. Trot out a Democrat who somewhere, sometime encouraged violence.
3. Tell us he was just joking.
4. Claim he was taken out of context.

That's all I can think of right off hand. Maybe you can come up with some other response.