Trump finally acknowledges his tariffs could hit consumers

Jun 2013
Trump acknowledges China policies may mean US economic pain

When people finally wake up to Trump's BS......what will they get from Trump, but his usual caught with his hand in the cookie jar shrug, topped off with more BS.

Here's an example and what to look for folks.

Will Trump get tar and feathered for all his con artistry in the end? Americans can lie to themselves again or remove Trump from doing further damage. Remove his chances of getting a second term and remove him from society, exchanging his foreign made ties for an orange jumpsuit and place a TV in his cell that can only receive all the media that he has worked so hard to get Americans to be distrustful of with his narrative. He then can watch as they report on the financial hardships and environmental damage his policies wrought and watch as a real leader steps up to the plate and begins to put all the pieces back together without the use of a daily pack of lies.

Watch for Trump's fast talking sales BS "I don't know where they were made", "we employ people in Bangladesh", shrug when where his ties are made is revealed and then his further BS and still trying to sell the ties ("you can buy those at Macy's BTW")

He's a sleazeball, the people of his hometown know it (and the 2016 election results in NYC reveal that) and he is enabled by people electing and continuing to support his BS.