Trump gives himself 'A pluses' on 'hurricane work,' blames Maria on San Juan mayor

Jul 2014
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So Peurto Rico had a third world electric system and the rest of the infrastructure isn't much better, tell me what any president could have done better there and how.
Trump made Puerto Rico all about the electrical grid. To argue on Trumps point discounts all the other points that cost people their lives.
Feb 2007
In my mind
yet when it came to florida and texas, states that voted for him, the response was good. But PR, no, the hell with them. He has done this time and time again, he is president only for his supporters and states that voted for him. Just like NC and SC get state of emergency but he wouldn't do it for Virginia.
I am not sure that the president even realized Puerto Rico was a US territory, nor what it meant. I think that as a marginal sociopath, he lacks the empathy to feel anything for anyone, and instead only thinks of himself and his own gratification.
Jul 2011
Well for starters, not sweep it under the rug and ignore it. I'm not a disaster management consultant, so I'll skip the details. But There is no way that this was the best Trump could do... he just didn't give a shit about it.

What more could a president have done?
Jan 2016
The electricity failed in Houston. We did not leave people to fester in the flood zone.

We got them the hell out.

No one came for the Puerto Ricans.

They did get some paper towels.
Donald Trump figgered they would need a lotta paper towels, to clean up all the shit. They're on his list of shit-hole countries.

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