Trump has awarded next year’s G-7 summit of world leaders to his Miami-area resort, the White House said


Apr 2010
Have you ever read it?

It doesn't apply to the president.

That is definitely not true. It says NO person holding ANY office may receive anything from foreign governments.

A framer of the clause meant it specifically about the president. All past Presidents have abided by the constitution. Trump doesn’t think something pesky like the constitution applies to him.

Thus Edmund Jennings Randolph, one of the Framers, remarked at the Virginia ratifying convention that the clause protected against the danger of “the President receiving Emoluments from foreign powers,” even asserting that a president who violates the clause “may be impeached.” There was no recorded dissent from Randolph’s view. From at least the early 19th century, presidents who were offered gifts by foreign states routinely requested Congress’s permission to accept them, and foreign rulers were politely informed (sometimes by the president himself) of the constitutional restriction regarding gifts.

Anyone who says this is OK is full of shit. It’s massively corrupt.