Trump holding a big "Change The Subject" announcement about Korea tonite at 7pm

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Lemme guess.. potushit is gonna screw the South Koreans and other US allies even more?

Asia fears trade war after Trump plans hefty steel, aluminum tariffs
South Korea, the third-largest steel exporter to the United States after Canada and Brazil, said it will keep talking to U.S. officials until Washington’s plans for tariffs are finalised.
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I think Trump is going to join up with Stormy Daniels tonight and kick of the Make America Horny Again campaign.

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Trump is going to take credit for the two Koreas talking about talking.

Atta boy Trump. Take credit for making what the two Koreas have been wanting to do for years.

I wonder if Trump will tell the audience that it is the US that hold influence on Japan and Korea and China does in NK>

I wonder if Donald will also mention that China holds a good chunk of our debt and may retaliate Bigly on steel tariffs.
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