Trump holds up BLANK piece of paper at press conference claiming it was the MEXICAN DEAL.

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Jul 2014
Fordham University is confirming it received a letter from Donald Trump’s then-lawyer threatening legal action if Trump’s academic records became public.

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has testified to Congress that Trump directed him to write letters warning his schools and the College Board not to disclose his grades or SAT scores.

Cohen has given the House Oversight and Reform Committee a copy of his letter to Fordham. It was dated May 2015, about a month before Trump started his presidential campaign.

Fordham confirms that Trump team threatened the school if his grades became public
Mar 2012
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Ok, I’m as eager as the next person who’s fed up with trump’s shenanigans to make him look ridiculous, but this isn’t one of those times. Per the much maligned WaPo and NYT, the paper was not blank. (I doubt that the trump supporters who reflexively shout “Fake news!” when those papers are mentioned will do so this time.)

Trump Waves Paper He Says Is Secret Deal With Mexico, but Reveals No Details
In fact some of them have been looking at it under a microscope trying to see what it says!
Jan 2017
I read the story, saw the photo and simply c&p'd the PHOTO on to a blank page in Word and enlarged it about 75%. They're right. There are NO WORDS on the piece of paper. UNLESS, someone WROTE or TYPED the Mexican deal in WHITE ink. You believe that's what they did, right?​
What a fucking lying LOSER! Who does this, day in day out? WHY?????????????​
White House reporter busts Trump: His Mexico deal ‘appears to be a blank piece of paper’
Published 36 mins ago on​
June 11, 2019​
President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed to have proof that he had cut a deal with Mexico to stem migration into the United States.​
Appearing before reporters on the South Lawn of the White House, Trump pulled out a folded piece of paper and declared “that’s the agreement that everybody says I don’t have.”​
“This is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both Mexico and the United States. Without the tariffs, we would have had nothing,” the president added.​
But Brian Karem, the White House correspondent for Playboy, noted that Trump never unfolded the paper.​
POTUS holds up what appears to be a blank piece of paper claiming it contains the Mexican deal. Refuses to answer when I ask him to show us.@realDonaldTrump⁩​
POTUS holds up what appears to be a blank piece of paper claiming it contains the Mexican deal. Refuses to answer when I ask him to show us. ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩​

So a folded up paper 'appears' to be blank and you're getting your panties all wadded up over it?
Mar 2019
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Did Trump do it on purpose with a message written inside it, "Watch the left mouth froth over this stunt"?
Isn't that the purpose of the corpotate state reality tv media machine? To fling so much froth amongst the masses that no one is keeping an eye on the criminal enterprise that is concentrated wealth and authority in america? Is that not the purpose of the political system itself?
Jan 2017
No, not at all. We are laughing at the Orange Turd who again has made a fucking fool of himself in front of the entire country! Just another typical day in the life of President Trump, you might say.
The fools are the ones flipping out over a folded piece of paper that may or may not have writing on it.
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