Trump insults vets with PTSD

Oct 2018
This is like 3 years old, why is this in current events?

It's awful so many pages on the webs are not dated. Unless you went down to the video - you would have no clue when the artical was written...maybe it was pared up with the video at a more current date..or?

This is how they tied to give the date of the article

1111d ago / 11:10 AM PDT
Trump Implies Vets Suffering From PTSD 'Can’t Handle' War
Donald Trump has come under fire for comments he made during a Q&A with retired veterans Tuesday morning.

I went right passed several of the 'ago' and then found the Youtube - which had a date...I would have figured the page just was not so many I have seen lately.

This is crap - we all want current info. Why have so many web sites discontinued dating their posts?