Trump Is Not Well

Nov 2008
Washington state
I could have swore that I saw Trump in the Rose Garden throwing a party because they defeated Obamacare.

Then Trump said Obamacare would fail on it's own. Here we are nearly three years later and Obamacare is still working and people don't want to lose it.

What is the Republican Health Care Plan?
You can thank the GOP for taking out the fine for not participating. Essentially it’s failed because It’s not a single payer provider .

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Nov 2008
Washington state
Because the Republican Plan took away healthcare from 22 million people, duh, duh, duh. Republicans just need to STFU about healthcare, they have zero credibility.
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Sounds like a good Socialist plan. No thanks. I don’t want long waits like Canada. Instead of stage 1 cancer, you could be stage 4 by the time they get to you. Like playing Russian Roulette

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Jul 2014
Sol 3
Even Rush LImbaugh says that Trump needs his head examined:

So, we’ll have to wait and find out what this was all about. Once again, relying on the Drive-By Media for details is gonna be problematic. But we’ll eventually get to the bottom and find out what this is all about. You know, I’m gonna take a flier. I’m gonna take a wild guess. And it might have something to do with somebody inviting the Taliban to Camp David. Whoever did that needs to have their head examined.

Now, I can’t believe that Bolton would be the guy responsible for that. Bolton is the guy that has no patience — well, wrong term. He doesn’t suffer fools, and he’s not somebody that likes to accommodate the enemy. Whoever it was that came up with the idea of having these Taliban monsters up at Camp David, thank goodness that didn’t happen.

Bolton Out as National Security Adviser
Apr 2014
What do you mean “imply?” Take a look at his history. The guy is about as real a republican as a Veggie Burger is a Burger. It may look like one, smell like one, sound like one...but it doesn’t past the taste test.

Yes, Donald Trump has given to the Clinton Foundation

Just because you dislike someone...doesn’t make them a republican. There are plenty of democrat “elites” who are vaguely similar to trump. Raging narcissism and a belief in their own superiority. Be they politicians or business people.

Just for clarity: I’m basing this on his record. There aren’t many real conservatives who would say or do what he does. If you think he wouldn’t sell republicans down the river if he got popular with democrats? You don’t understand the guy.
I have never seen a true narcissist like trump tell us a president who brags about how brilliant he is. Show as a president who lies about things to self aggrandize. Show us a president who blames everyone but himself over and over and over ..he is a malignant narcissist

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