Trump Is Ranked WORST U.S. President EVA.

Jan 2011
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Probably. But that has little to do with the discussion here.

Trump is certainly the most unconventional President we have ever experienced. Maybe even throw in bizarre.

And he may someday warrant the designation of "bad" or "worst". But not yet. Currently he has done a handful of things that conservatives can appreciate (Gorsich, signed the tax reform, etc) plus an amount of antics that conservatives (and most everyone else) find annoying.

But he does still have 3 years in office. Lots could still happen.

Waaay too early to be "ranking" any President. The poll is just a popularity contest.
Ya think? I love the way the left jumps for joy whenever they hear EXACTLY what they want to hear.
Nov 2015
Oh please peddle your bullshit elsewhere. Trump can only dream of having half the qualities Obama had.

If you really believe the above you have got to have issues with reality.
Hope so, America has it's fingers crossed that all future presidents have a fraction of Obama's qualities. I don't think letting Muslims in and creating a stonking high national debt is commendable.

Sometimes, the love people have for Obama distorts their rational thinking skills.
Nov 2015

But am guessing if the question was posed "What did Obama ever do that was good for me personally" ( on this forum) there would be an abundance of responses.
I must admit, the hapless Obama did one good thing for the UK. He stuck his nose in the Brexit debate and because he's so disliked, we believe it helped us give the final push to leave the EU.

Apart from that, he screwed your debt, put Muslims before Americans, created a race divide, wrecked health care cost and a whole raft of stuff.
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Can't seem to find a breakdown to their 10 areas.
It is on the front page of the link I posted:

Individual Leadership Characteristics
Public Persuasion
Crisis Leadership
Economic Management
Moral Authority
International Relations
Administrative Skills
Relations with Congress
Vision / Setting an Agenda
Pursued Equal Justice For All
Performance Within Context of Times
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Dec 2015
The NYT published its annual ranking of U.S. Presidents on February 18, 2018, drawn from a survey of leading American political scientists.

They rated Trump dead-bang last.

C-SPAN also ranks U.S. Presidents every year. They ask historians, not political scientists, and have not yet published a ranking that includes Trump. Their most recent version lists the 5 worst as Tyler, Harding, Pierce, A. Johnson and Buchanan.

Does it matter? Clearly, Trump might have time left to rehabilitate his broken presidency, but that's unlikely. It's telling that so many political scientists in the U.S. condemned him as harshly as possible only months into his term.

It might matter to a Trump supporter wondering why they are still agitating for this spectacular failure of a man and his presidency. Review this page, which comes up when I google "Trump's worst tweets as president":

Of all the shit Trump talks, this disturbs me the most because it reveals that he sees black Americans as some sort of "other". In Trump's view, black Americans do not have their own lives and achievements, but rather rise or fall AS AN UNDIFFERENTIATED, AMORPHOUS GROUP with the fates of the most famous black Americans around.

This is the sort of broken humanity that inspired some white racists to refer to Frederick Douglass as a "credit to his race" in my hearing, during the 1960's, while simultaneously tormenting these citizens in every possible way, including murdering little kids in their church on a Sunday morning with a bomb.

Obama was not "the black president" -- he was the president, and ONE interesting thing to know about him is, he is black.

The NYT's poll places Obama 8th, making him one of only 4 top 10 presidents to have served after WW II.

If you LOVE Trump and you HATE Obama, you can now clearly see that you are out of touch with political scientists, who are from both political parties or independents.

Please, if this describes you, could you kindly explain how you reached your opinion, because I just cannot understand it. Regardless of whether you think Trump would be fun to grab a beer with, you surely cannot still be denying that Trump is appallingly bad at president-ing.

Do these NYT poll result mean Trump will be impeached? IDK. Today's polls reveal his ratings continue to fall, even in states in which he had a sizable base when he was elected, such as Louisiana..

Trump has lost support in every state since inauguration | Daily Mail Online

I also DK whether it is productive to compare his popularity across time to that of Nixon or Clinton, but in case you think it might be, here's that data:

Forget whether Trump can evade impeachment. Is Trump even minimally competent to be president? If you think he is, kindly explain what you think he has accomplished that's so impressive? Do you WANT Trump to stay in office?


This is not a parody:

Nor is this:

Which is beyond dangerous, because of this:

I cannot imagine how any thinking person can look at Trump's job performance thus far, and think "Good job!"

If you do, could you kindly explain it to me?

Your thoughts?
I bet Bush is jazzed.
Jun 2014
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He will always garner the love of Trump cultist reality TV fans.
That was an arcane little show, never broadcast anywhere but basic cable. It was almost as arch as "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". Which Trump also appeared on.

One step above "Fantasy Island", to my eye.

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