Trump Is Ranked WORST U.S. President EVA.

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
I would not have put Obama or Reagan in the Top 10, though I could not say who should be moved up, either. Putting Garfield or W.H. Harrison in the mix is not very fair, considering how short their respective tenures were (6 months and 1 month, respectively; and Garfield was injured for most of that time, having been shot 4 months into his term). I probably would not have put Nixon so low, though Watergate kind of doomed him to a low rank. Maybe I'd move up J. Adams, though his presidency was considerably more lackluster than his pre-Constitution days.
Yes! I also disagree. Reagan and Nixon deserve as low ranks as Buchanan, IMO. A. Jackson was on a mission to genocide Native Americans living in the Southeast, mainly Seminoles. Not during his presidency, but still.

An evil fuckwhit.

Any president responsible for millions of avoidable American deaths deserves to be ranked lowest. Which is clearly not how these political scientists view matters. Trump does SAY dreadful things, but he hasn't caused the deaths of millions of people, let alone Americans.
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Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
It is on the front page of the link I posted:

Individual Leadership Characteristics
Public Persuasion
Crisis Leadership
Economic Management
Moral Authority
International Relations
Administrative Skills
Relations with Congress
Vision / Setting an Agenda
Pursued Equal Justice For All
Performance Within Context of Times
C-SPAN uses historians, and their factors are slightly different, but they track the NYT's results, more or less.
Mar 2010
Trump does SAY dreadful things, but he hasn't caused the deaths of millions of people, let alone Americans.
Not yet... If we have a national crisis where cool heads need to prevail we are fucked.

He will be responsible for hundreds of innocent deaths in the future if he backslides on his commitment to do something about gun violence. And I predict he will backslide.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
I guess even for presidential politics experts, judgement over a Prinet's performance changes with time, and with the field of comparison.

Last such survey hey did in 2014, at that time the ACA was still quite unpopular.
It's popularity has risen since, along with the measurable effects it has on actual uninsured... don't forget, the mandate and the exchanges really only got fully implemented by 2014.

And then look at he current attempt to politics that trump displays to the world and experts.. i'm pretty sure that gives - even to those experts - a much more positive light on Obama's approach, looking at it now, compared to back in 2014.
Who or what is a "Prinet"?