Trump laughs off a supporter’s demand for violence against migrants

Jun 2013
People clapped and roared in laughter and our POTUS chuckled.........

"SHOOT THEM" was the shouted "solution"

Shoot them!’: Trump laughs off a supporter’s demand for violence against migrants
"A roar rose from the crowd of thousands of Trump supporters in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Wednesday night as President Donald Trump noted yet again that Border Patrol agents can’t use weapons to deter migrants. “How do you stop these people?” he asked.
“Shoot them!” someone yelled from the crowd, according to reporters on the scene and attendees."

"The audience cheered. Supporters seated behind Trump and clad in white baseball caps bearing the letters “USA” laughed and applauded.
“That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement,” Trump replied, smiling and shaking his head. “Only in the Panhandle.”
‘Shoot them!’: Trump laughs off a supporter’s demand for violence against migrants

Until people's friends and families begin to be shot at because they didn't agree with shooting people as something that was "funny".

Are these the values America wants to adopt? The idea of shooting people, is funny? Or is it with the ever abbreviated thought process Americans see to be adopting, they just don't realize what it might be like for people to be desperately trying to find asylum from this very thing......People shooting at them or a the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty says...."Give us your..........."

I don't suppose any Trump supporters are going to do anything, but be partisan and defend Trump, the idea that shooting people is something to clap, laugh and joke about or that we have a President who essentially does not fully discourage such things and may by innuendo, if not directly, encourage such ideas.

What are churches, synagogues, mosques and parents teaching their children?

What sorts of parents teach their children not to bully, to be kind, generous, forgiving and help their fellow human beings and then attends a political rally and claps about the idea of shooting or beating up people?

So what would happen if people treated Trump and his supporters in the same way Trump suggests people should be treated "very, very rough" when they protest?? Will they think it's something to cheer about?

Isn't a part of short sightedness thinking in only in one direction and ignoring or failing to consider, the very simple concept of doing unto others as one would have others, do unto them?

Who leads their people to "knock the crap out of" people for disagreeing with them? What sort of people cheer at such an idea?

What sort of leader does NOT condemn the thought of shooting people as they try to enter America, when it is known that the vast majority of such people are not rapists and murderers, but in many cases trying to escape people like rapists and murderers in the countries they come from?

Why have I felt in the last almost 4 decades American has been doing a flip flop where everything going forwards is now going backwards and everything right side up, is being turned upside down.

Killing is now good
Greed is now good
Hatred is now good
Ruthlessness is now good
Having no empathy is now good
Lying is now good
Adultery is now good
Gluttony is now good
Stealing from the poor to give to the rich is now good
on and on and on......

Kindness is now bad
Generosity is now bad
Giving excess wealth to those less fortunate is now bad
Honesty is now bad
Empathy is now bad
Marriage vows? Who needs to adhere to them?
Caring for humanity and the future for ones own offspring? All they need is money, right? Not fresh air, not clean soils or a global climate that could have been prevented from doing the damage it had done.
Just about every human virtue and value that people once adhered to is being tossed out, ironically by those who most claim to be "virtuous" and "moral"...
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Jul 2014
Trump’s popularity is rooted in his willingness to get angry about the Marxist/left nonsense.

How the heck are "migrants" have anything to do with Marxism?

Oh that's right they don't - you just want to try to diver AGAIN from the actual topic?

Only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement. Only in the Panhandle.’

That’s how President Donald Trump responded on Wednesday night at a Panama City Beach, Fla., rally to a suggestion from one of his supporters that migrants attempting to cross into the U.S. should be shot.

No admonishment. No attempt to quiet the cheers. Just a folksy observation and a chuckle that played well with the adoring crowd.

Trump shares laugh with Florida crowd over rally attendee’s call to shoot migrants

That is deplorable behavior by a POTUS.
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Nov 2016
Trump is a tacky bastard. If he had a shred of decency - Which we know he doesn’t - he’d have gently and tactfully admonished the audience with something jlike, “let’s not go there.”
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Jun 2013
Not sure why it was necessary to change the title of my post, when what the title was changed to was in the body of the OP and search can be set to find text other than what is in the title only. Although it was the headline for the article linked to within the post, is it not the title I did or would have chosen for the main reason that while someone in the audience shouted "shoot them" I would not characterize it as a "demand".

I would appreciate it if there is a reason I should change the title of the post, someone explain it to me and allow me to change it. Thank you.
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Trump’s popularity is rooted in his willingness to get angry about the Marxist/left nonsense.

Just how obtuse and naive are you anyway?Those are planned stunts promoting a WWE (you know, wrasslin') matches.
The guy he's pushing is Vince McMahon, another conservative businessman and showman that runs the WWE.
Shirley you are joking around...

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