Trump made fool of Schumer again, Democrats cave and are joining rebublican in HC.

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Nope.. I vision is 20/20 on the most issues of the day.

Schumer was not going to budge until, Trump put the stick to him.

He was going to throw the switch on the Schumer option.
Is English your second language? If so, Stephen Miller would like a word with you.
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And in 2010 Obama told Repubicans to go to the back of the Bus.
No he didn't. He never mentioned "bus". Senator Cornyn, from Texas, claimed he said that, based on a Glenn Beck misquote of Obama's. What Obama actually said was, "Philadelphia, they can't have the keys back. They don't know how to drive. (Applause.) They don't know how to drive. They can ride with us if they want, but they got to get in the back seat. (Applause.) Because we want to go forward. We don't want the special interests riding shotgun. We want working families, middle-class families, up front. They're our priority."

As you can clearly see from the transcript, no mention of buses. Further, It was made clear, by the part that partisan fanatics always conveniently forget when trying to demonise Obama, it wasn't Republicans get relegated to the back seat, so Democrats can sit up front. Democrats already had control of the wheel, at the time; it was a given that Democrats were in the front seat. No, it was working families that were being given the preferential "shotgun" position of Republican politicians, and special interests, in the hyperbole.

But, still waiting for that link of Trump inviting Democrats to a policy meeting, that Shumer turned down.
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Isn't it a good thing that the Democrats and Republicans are going to try to work together? Thanks to trump and the nations disgust for this buffoon, republicans realize they must work together. Is that a good thing? And they even included a woman.
About time.