tRump mocks Harvey survivors and leaves graffiti

Sep 2012
WTF is wrong with him??? No compassion, no's still all about him.

Crazy person vandalizes shelter wall, mocks victims to have a good time...

I know I say this a lot, but what the living hell is wrong with Trump?

I didn’t think he could top his disastrous first visit to Houston, where he bragged*about the “turnout” to his visit with hurricane victims and then refused to personally meet with any of them.
An exasperated John Kelly no doubt told him to go out and try again... and this time actually mention their plight at least once.* So Trump made a second visit where he went to a*hurricane shelter, and for reasons no one can figure out, he turned to the wall behind him and signed his name--- on the bare wall.

Twitter was as stunned as the people in the shelter on why he did this.


This isn’t a promotional tour, you nitwit!

Then President Dumbass said he*“saw a*lot of happiness" ….and told*everyone*when he was leaving to “Have a good time, everybody!”

Just in case anyone reading this is as delusional as our mentally deteriorating*POTUS, the victims in that shelter have lost everything:*
Their kids cannot go to school.
They do not have a home to go to.
They are suffering rampant price gouging, from $8 gallon gas to $99 bottled water

Shelters are not fan clubs. They are filled with suffering people who desperately need an empathetic, sane president.
It’s beyond tragic we won't have one for several years.
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the watchman

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more
I was wondering what he was talking about too? "Have a great time"? He seems to treat everything like he's at one of his resorts. Ya know, like his entire presidency is a "Trump" production?
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Sep 2011
"Signs the wall"?

If he showed up with a half grapefruit for a jockstrap and maraschino cherries in his nose it wouldn't surprise me a bit.

He's going for stuff so erratic people are just stumped for what to say.> :think:

(or... he's "commander in chief," perhaps he is going for a section 8?)

Thx :popcorn:
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Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
This man is relating to the hoi poi as if he has never seen them, up close, in their native habitat before.

O wait..........

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