TRUMP outreach to TBC's (black colleges) goes off the rails (absurd & TACKY!)

Jul 2015
Good idea?? Or a craven photo op for Trump with zero depth, zero exchange of ideas and KELLYANN taking photos sitting on the sofa in less than professional posture. (Okay, why was Kellyann taking photos? Where was the WH photographer? Did Pete Souza retire, who's his replacement?)

They ran out of time so all of these college presidents who had been offered 2 minutes, got 1 minute and they didn't finish. Bad optics. Bad takeaway. This is was all BULLSHIT! They were likely quite insulted.

FEB 28, 2017 12:15 PM EST

Forget Kellyanne Conway’s feet on the couch: Trump’s Oval Office photo-op part of a black college visit gone wrong

Worrying about Conway's feet ignores big problems with Trump's meeting with black higher education leaders

(Credit: Donald Trump/ Twitter)
[FONT=&amp]President Donald Trump summoned dozens of leaders of historically black colleges and universities to the Oval Office on Monday for a meet and greet event prior to a “listening session” with Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. But while controversy has swirled around the placement of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s feet in a photo-op, the real outrage is how the Trump administration has managed to bungle its outreach to black leaders during the final days of Black History Month.

Predictable outrage took over Twitter on Monday night when an image was released of Conway perched, her feet tucked beneath her, on a couch in the Oval Office as President Trump stood behind his desk with 64 presidents of historically black colleges and universities gathered around him was released. Presumably Conway was on the sofa to try to get a good angle for snapping a photo. (Where her shoes were was unclear.)
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Photo of Kellyanne Conway on Oval Office couch sparks debate on Twitter:
7:06 AM - 28 Feb 2017

While debates about decorum can be fun and even instructive about modern partisan hypocrisy, in this instance it serves as a distraction from what was sold by the White House as historic outreach to the base of the Democratic Party. But this event turned out to be another poorly managed photo opportunity devoid of meaningful substance except for a whitewashing of the legacy of historically black colleges and universities in this country.
“I’m still processing that entire experience,” Dillard President Walter M. Kimbrough wrote about being in the Oval Office in a post on Medium. ...

Forget Kellyanne Conway?s feet on the couch: Trump?s Oval Office photo-op part of a black college visit gone wrong -


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