Trump/Pence 2020?

Jan 2016
Exactly. Whatever makes is sound like Pence left on his own. Save face and still get what they want.

IMO Pence is far more dangerous than Trump and I would not hate to see Trump dump him.
They're both dangerous, in different ways. I would NOT want to see Nikki Haley JOIN the Trump team. I think she was smart to leave when she did. For now, she should stay in the background, I think, and abide her time. I actually have a fair amount of respect for Nikki Haley. Can't think of too many people who have been in the Trump Administration that I can say that about these days. James Mattis would be another one.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
If you look at the post I was responding to, I was suggesting a Haley/Rubio ticket for the Republicans in 2024, not in 2020. I was more or less presuming some Democratic ticket would win in 2020, and that the Republicans would be trying to win the White House BACK in 2024, and would be trying to run some much more credible ticket....."to erase the stink of the Trump years", I said.....

Nor would I be so complacent about the Democrats controlling the White House for the next 12 years after 2020. We are heading into an Era of Chaos, my friend. We are going to be lashed by a whipsaw of change over the next decade, on a truly planetary scale. Strange things are going to happen. The economy might be declining slightly in 2020, as we move into the Presidential election, and that might help the Democrats to win the election, but then might suddenly collapse in 2022, undone by all the years of accumulation of debt, for no real fault of the Democratic administration in charge. Still uber-confident about the 12 years of Democratic domination? I could easily envision a Haley/Rubio ticket winning in 2024 in a circumstance where America is in some serious economic struggle in 2023/2024, and I happen to think that is quite possible, almost regardless of what policies we adopt at this point. Because we are in trouble.
Its this sort of scenario where I actually can see (maybe hope) that the GOP will wake up. The end of Trumpism and back to an Eisenhower type of ideology. Whats interesting is a friend of our went to the State of the State in Massachusetts back in January and the gov Charlie Baker was actually called an "Eisenhower republican" by democrats. He laughed it off and said "thats a death sentence to the GOP these days." But I could see him changing the entire party if they just woke up. Some predict the millennials will take the D party much further left by 2024 or 2028, so it would be nice to have a centrist party and not two extreme parties.
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