TRUMP raises ticket prices to his New Years GIG at MARALAGO where he'll sign TAX BILL

Jul 2015
There is just so much UTTER DISREGARD for middle class America and OOZING contempt the lowest tier in this disclosure. Wonder if RYAN and MC CONNELL will be invited down! Wonder if Trump will 'give' them a ticket? You can bet your ass, he's going to fight the press entrance to "his private party".

Apparently the tax bill will be delivered to him late this week and he is likely to sign it at MAR A LAGO. His spokesman was VERY coy about the timing. (VERY COY!)

Then-president-elect Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, arrive for a New Year's Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Dec. 31, 2016. | Evan Vucci/AP
Mar-a-Lago hikes New Year’s Eve party ticket prices

President Donald Trump usually attends the event at his private Florida club.

12/20/2017 11:14 AM EST

Partying with President Donald Trump on New Year’s Eve is getting more expensive.

Ticket prices for the annual Dec. 31 bash at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in South Florida are going up to $600 for dues-paying members and $750 for their guests, according to members of the private Palm Beach club. Last year’s tickets went for $525 for members and $575 for guests.

The lavish party in the Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom and the surrounding grounds has plenty of perks, including a red-carpet entrance, a multi-course meal, a popular cover band and the chance to meet celebrities — Sylvester Stallone and Fabio were there to welcome in 2017 — as well as the president himself.

“I’ve been to a lot of black tie events. This was a different feeling,” said Lynn Aronberg, the owner of a Palm Beach public relations who attended last year’s event as a guest and got pictures with both the then-president-elect and incoming first lady. “It was the best event I’ve ever been to.”

Last December, Trump staffers defended Mar-a-Lago selling tickets for the event at a time when Trump was still working on a plan to address ethics concerns associated with becoming president while owning a vast real estate, hotel, golf and branding enterprise. The 2017 event was a sellout, and one Mar-a-Lago member said this year’s party is nearly booked-up, too....

Jul 2015
Any of you planning to attend?


Just whining about something that does not affect usual.
I'm a FLORIDIAN. My tax $ are picking up a portion of TRUMP's tab. And SCOTT will gladly pay his bills. Bet on it. (Yeah, both photos are at Mar a Lago).

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Mar 2015
The cloud
Yep. THE RICH always find a way to write things off that WE can't. Lobbyists are buying up tickets as we type and will DEDUCT it. Bet on it.

I guess haveing no memory is yet another requirement for bat shit crazy town dwellers.

Nothing but pooooooor ole democrats who attended this little shin dig...

fucking idiots

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Jul 2015
Will there be door prizes?

An open bar?
Like what?

Red MAGA hats? Presidential SEAL swag we pay for? WH Christmas ornaments we pay for? Secret Service protection for a "for profit" event with 6 or 700 rich to very rich to uber rich who have to be cleared and vetted BEFORE the party and 'wanded' the night of...