Trump refuses to cancel rally in wake of Hurricane Michael Disaster.

Sep 2014
United States

his staff is either incompetent or they are trying hard not to say anything that spoils his plans. One of them says it's a cat 4 , which is correct, the next says it's going to be a cat 2. They're all discussing it like they're planning a picnic. There's no urgency being portrayed here. No sense that people are about to likely die. UGGGGhhh. When will this nightmare end? Trump is sitting there like a petulant little bored child.
All the planning and staging of relief has already been done.

Apr 2015

he claims that it would be very "unfair" to the thousands of people who want to see him.
Yeah. That's what's most important. What does it say about his supporters that Trump doesn't think they'd understand him cancelling a political rally because of a national disaster? What does it say about the man himself? How would they feel if it were them struggling through a crisis while the president went on about his business?
Are you concerned that the evacuees in Florida may not be able to watch it live?
Sep 2014
United States
Kinda like Obama and Hurricanes Sandy.........stopped by for a photo op before getting back on the campaign trail....


At first, you were heartened by images of the President, hugging a sobbing woman and mouthing words of comfort and hope. He cares, after all. The voters of New York and New Jersey are reliably blue. The President will take care of his people. You were uplifted by the sight of your governor standing alongside the President – a powerful bi-partisan team that knows how you feel and is ready to help. Of course, the President had to interrupt his campaign schedule. Remember what happened to Bush during Katrina. You know this is actually a campaign event as well, but you take his promises seriously and you are impressed by his solemn demeanor.

The President, however, jogs up the stairs of Air Force 1, and is off to campaign in swing states. It sinks in: This was just a photo op. We will not see him again for a long while. He leaves us in our misery, while he fights for his political life. The President leaves us behind as we do not know when our electricity will come on, whether a riot will break out as we wait in line for gasoline, or whether we will have to join the scavengers in trash bins for our next meal. If our lucky-bastard neighbor, who owns a gas generator, extends a cable to our house to run the TV, we see a smiling President glad handing supporters and railing against his opponent. He has long forgotten us.

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becoming more and more
"The storm overnight picked up speed and intensity," said White House spokesman Jay Carney. "And a decision was made that in order to return to Washington to monitor and oversee the efforts to prepare for the storm and respond to it, we needed to leave earlier than planned."

Carney added: "The president's priority right now is the safety and security of Americans who are in the path of the storm and who will be affected by it. It's essential in his view that he be in Washington, one of the areas that will be affected, and where his team is to oversee that effort."
Obama cancels campaign events, to speak at 12:45 p.m.
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at least one reported death. It's down to a cat 3 -115 mph still going strong in Albany, Georgia.
But hey, we shouldn't be petty by criticizing a president who cares more about one of his weekly political rallies than people dying and suffering in a national disaster. His precious wittle ego is the most important thing.
Neither Trump nor his imbecilic followers have any understanding of proper behavior.