Trump Refuses Visas to Same-Sex Partners of Diplomats, UN Officials

Jul 2016
This is all the talk at State...

Why? Especially if they're legally married? Last I looked this is the 21st Century. Sometimes I think the crazy old troll just does this to piss off more civilized nations.

US to end visas for gay diplomat partners

US ends diplomatic visas for UN same-sex partners

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The US has announced it will deny diplomatic visas to same-sex partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees.
The change went into effect on Monday, giving partners currently in the US until 31 December to leave, get married or otherwise change their visa.
It is a reversal of rules introduced in 2009.
Currently, 25 countries have recognised same-sex marriage. Homosexuality remains illegal in 71 countries.
The new Trump administration policy update was circulated in a United Nations (UN) memo.
The memo states: "As of 1 October 2018, same-sex domestic partners accompanying or seeking to join newly arrived United Nations officials must provide proof of marriage to be eligible for a G-4 visa or to seek a change into such status."
G-4 visas are granted to employees of international organisations and their immediate families.
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