Trump Retreats. No Census Question On 2020 Ballot.

May 2019
Backatown, USA
After the Supreme Court overruled his demand to put the census question on next year's ballot (a thinly veiled attempt to reduce the size of some Democratic districts), Trump announced that he would issue an executive order.
But some smart person apparently told Trump that he can't just overrule Supreme Court decisions that don't go his way, so today he announced that the question will not be on the ballot, but he will issue an order directing government agencies to collect citizenship information. Which cannot be used for anything.
But Trump gets to pretend that he didn't really cave. So much winning!

Trump retreats on census citizenship question
Jan 2019
Wrong. He did not retreat. He will use government agencies to obtain the information needed on citizenship and will put that with the 2020 census.

the watchman

Former Staff
Jul 2011
becoming more and more
Barr seriously has no self-respect does he? The biggest kiss ass I've ever seen. Congratulating the president on having to be forced to
comply with the law. It's a fking EO. I'm surprised he didn't curtsy.