Trump Said China Told Banks to Stop Dealing With North Korea. China Says That's Not T

Feb 2007
In my mind

The president makes a claim, and other parties involved come out and say that is not true.

Indeed, along the lines of the Boy Scouts calling him to tell him how awesome his speech was, or how he saw thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey, Trump once again appears to have simply lied,made shit up.

I suppose to appeal to his adoring fans who think Preside tn Tweetness is effective.

Is that it or is the man simply delusional?

China Disputes Donald Trump on North Korea and Banks |

President Donald Trump's announcement that Beijing told its banks to stop dealing with North Korea is "not consistent with the facts," a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Friday, but he gave no indication what steps China might be taking.

The spokesman, Lu Kang, said Beijing complies with U.N. Security Council resolutions. The council has told member countries to ban most activity abroad by North Korea's banks in response to its nuclear and missile tests.

Asked at a regular briefing about Trump's comment, Lu said, "As far as I know, what you have mentioned just now is not consistent with the facts."