Trump scores 60 percent approval in rural areas

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Three out of 6 New England states have GOP governors. GOP up here is nothing like the rest of the country.
But are they Trump Republicans? Lets check the state polls, shall we?
Poll: Massachusetts dislikes Trump’s job performance more than any other state
Last month, 62 percent of Bay State voters disapproved of how the president has handled the job, the survey says.

A close second to Massachusetts in the latest survey was Vermont, with a net approval rating for Trump of -24 percent, followed by California and Hawaii, each with a net approval rating of -23 percent.

Across other parts of New England, the numbers put Rhode Island with a net approval of -21 percent; Connecticut with -16 percent; New Hampshire with -13 percent; and Maine with -7 percent.
Poll: Mass. dislikes Trump’s job performance more than any other state |
Mar 2019
"US" of A
President Trump’s job approval rating in rural areas of the Rust Belt and Great Plains states is at 60 percent, markedly higher than his job approval rating nationally, according to a new poll commissioned by Democrats

A Change Research survey sponsored by The American Federation of Teachers and One Country, a group with close ties to former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), found that 60 percent of voters from non-metro counties in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia approve of the job Trump is doing.

While Trump’s job approval rating among rural Democrats is only at 7 percent, he gets 97 percent support from rural Republicans and 51 percent support from rural independents.

Trump’s favorable rating in rural areas is at 55 percent favorable and 40 percent unfavorable in the nine states polled.

Among the states covered by the poll, Trump is most popular in North Dakota and Pennsylvania, hitting the 60 percent favorable mark in both states. He scores his lowest marks in Michigan and Wisconsin, where his favorability rating is at 51 percent.

A plurality of rural voters, 39 percent, said the trade war with China is hurting small towns in the short term but that it’s necessary to restore balance to global trade in the long run. Thirty-six percent said a trade war is harmful in the short term and long term and that Trump should end the trade war with China immediately, while 14 percent said the trade war is not hurting the economy.

Gun rights and illegal immigration are the most important issues to men in rural areas, while women listed health care and illegal immigration as their top concerns.

Trump wins 60 percent approval in rural areas of key states
White areas?
Mar 2019
"US" of A
True but thats due to a decent economy for the last decade. As soon as a severe recession hits, they will be looking for the cheapest places to be.
... where they can't find a job making the same wages as jobs go the way of the dinosaur for much of the population?
Aug 2018
Men polled didn't say anything about all this crap. They said firearms and illegal immigration.

Women polled didn't anything about all this crap. They said health care and illegal immigration.

So anyone running against Trump, either within or outside his own party, had better be talking pretty fucking seriously about illegal immigration.
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