Trump scores 60 percent approval in rural areas

Jan 2007
Thats the problem in a nutshell..Even worse the democrats all raised their hands and said they would guarantee them healthcare. In the US mind you, where a healthy chunk of citizens cant afford healthcare of their own.
Make Illegals Great Again!
Nov 2013
None of your business

President Trump
’s job approval rating in rural areas of the Rust Belt and Great Plains states is at 60 percent, markedly higher than his job approval rating nationally, according to a new poll commissioned by Democrats

A Change Research survey sponsored by The American Federation of Teachers and One Country, a group with close ties to former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), found that 60 percent of voters from non-metro counties in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia approve of the job Trump is doing.

While Trump’s job approval rating among rural Democrats is only at 7 percent, he gets 97 percent support from rural Republicans and 51 percent support from rural independents.

Trump’s favorable rating in rural areas is at 55 percent favorable and 40 percent unfavorable in the nine states polled.

Among the states covered by the poll, Trump is most popular in North Dakota and Pennsylvania, hitting the 60 percent favorable mark in both states. He scores his lowest marks in Michigan and Wisconsin, where his favorability rating is at 51 percent.

A plurality of rural voters, 39 percent, said the trade war with China is hurting small towns in the short term but that it’s necessary to restore balance to global trade in the long run. Thirty-six percent said a trade war is harmful in the short term and long term and that Trump should end the trade war with China immediately, while 14 percent said the trade war is not hurting the economy.

Gun rights and illegal immigration are the most important issues to men in rural areas, while women listed health care and illegal immigration as their top concerns.

Trump wins 60 percent approval in rural areas of key states
and geert wilders in the Netherlands polls higher in the rural areas of that country....., point here?


Oct 2009
Fundamentally transforming America via demographics. Explains immigration policy perfectly.
You think you have a point here, but you really don't. We're a free-movement popular republic. We always have been, despite initial warts.

Fussing about how you used to be powerful somewhere until all these newcomers showed up and started voting against you is stupid.

You alone don't get to decide whether or not they can come around, and you certainly don't get to decide whether or not they can vote.
Mar 2010
It's started to become the war of big city vs rural.

Big city wants big govt, more regulation, less gun freedoms, anti-God.

Rural wants to be free, preserve the 2nd amendment and like more traditional beliefs and worldviews based on Christianity.
Yeah it's that simple to you. :rolleyes: I'd go further but I'd get banned.
Mar 2010
Yeah the rural-urban divide is nothing new, if anything Trump needs to be at 70+ percent approval in purple state rural areas to have a solid shot at re-election given his atrocious numbers in cities and not-great numbers in suburbs. And nobody is going to challenge him in Kansas or North Dakota, ALTHOUGH a poor performance in Kansas could mean that the Senate seat is up for grabs. Not likely, but it's possible and the GOP will have to spend resources defending it.
Well I'm sure he has my state of Indiana in the bag. I've actually seen it called for a republican president before the polls are in. Shameful.