Trump: 'Senior White House official' cited on N.Korea 'phony'! Reporter: *plays tape*

Jul 2015
I know this a 'quaint' notion but when PRESS SECRETARIES and the like are sent out to talk, they aren't SUPPOSED TO LIE! It's part of their creed. They might circle the truth and tailor and spin it but THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO LIE!!

Anyone remember CJ Craig??


Former Staff
Oct 2009
Sorry, can't embed the Twitter video, you'll have to follow the link.

But, the essence of this is:

1) NYT reports that if the N.Korean summit is to take place, based on an official background source, there's no way it can happen June 12. Logistically, we're restarting from square one.

2) Trump sees it on Fox News and tries to save face, because he's repeatedly suggested the summit might happen on time after all.

3) Trump posts on Twitter and the White House recirculates his claim that the NYT made up this information.

4) Another reporter reveals the information came from the White House Deputy Press Secretary and the National Security Council, and was taped without their knowledge.

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