Trump signs a sweeping federal ban on animal cruelty

The Man

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Jul 2011
Putin also finally signed off a new law on this in Russia too, late last year, took 8 bloody years to work out:

No ban on animal circuses, sadly, it is still too popular over there, despite all the recent incidents and mishaps, see this thread for numerous videos: Circus bear attacks handler

And, there is a powerful circus lobby in Russia, led by prominent clans, like the Zapashny brothers

They have even managed, recently, to prevent Circue du Soleil from setting up shop near Moscow to compete with them (and possibly change the circus culture among Russians themselves, with acrobatic and other human acts, instead of animal troupes; a huge thread to those like the Zapashnys):

The law DOES ban private zoos and also keeping wild animals caged at restaurants and such, which has been long an issue there, especially in Siberia, and has led to tragedies: Caged bear rips off woman's arm at boozy Christmas party - and eats it

But, there are also groups over there on whom the effect of the new law is ambigious and unclear, for example, certain travelling groups of Roma (Gypsy) artists, who traditionally keep and use bears in their performances

These too remain highly popular, at weddings, etc; though, some more "progressive" (or what have you) Romas in more recent times have attempted to replace the live bears with a guy in a suit lol

But, purists striving for authenticity and whatnot still insist on using real ones...

It is unclear wether the law applies to them, because some consider them (Romas who perform with bears) as professional circus artists, while others do not, it's a controversial question over there...

I am, honestly, not sure if they will ever be able to properly enforce it, at all, over there...

Hopefully yours works out better...