Trump sons' Dubai trip costs taxpayers at least $73,000

Sep 2012
Yeah...they went to a wedding and 'inspected' a Trump golf course. Two 'adults' on 'family business'...they can well afford their own 'security'. No one is really interested in these clowns...why are we subsidizing the family business?

Trump sons' Dubai trip costs taxpayers at least $73,000
President Trump's sons' visit to Dubai this week cost taxpayers a minimum of $73,000 in security costs, according to government purchase orders viewed by CBS News.

The purchase orders describe the costs for United States Secret Service agents to stay at hotels close to the Trump property and car service for the trip listed as being from March 26 through April 8.

The trip is for the family business and not related to any government work. Secret Service spokesperson Mason Brayman emailed CBS News in response to a request for comment on the trip: "The Secret Service is conducting a protective operation in the UAE. As a matter of practice we do not comment on the specifics of protectee's trips."


Ivanka and Jared Kushner recently took the Trump Organization aircraft to Wyoming for a getaway with the extended Kushner family. The local mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, was invited onto the plane and posted pictures to Twitter. CBS News previously reported that the extended Trump family vacation to Aspen, Colorado, during last year's spring break cost more than $300,000 in taxpayer funds for security costs.

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