Trump Suggested Attacks On Jews Could Be "made to make others look bad"

Jul 2016
Another false flag theory (this from last year) from anti-semitic Trump saying Jews may have committed the attacks on their synagogues.

Trump suggests antisemitic threats may be politically motivated, official says

President said some bomb threats against Jewish centers may have been intended to ‘make others look bad’, says Pennsylvania attorney general
Guardian staff and agencies

‘I found that statement to be a bit curious,’ said Pennsylvania state attorney general Josh Shapiro over Trump’s remarks on bomb threats against Jewish centers. Photograph: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Donald Trump on Tuesday said that a spate of bomb threats against Jewish centers could have been an attempt “to make others look bad”, according to the Pennsylvania attorney general, Josh Shapiro, who attended a White House meeting with other state law enforcement officials.
Trump’s comments as described by Shapiro appeared to suggest that some of the threats may have been manufactured for political reasons. Trump made similar remarks at a news conference earlier this month when asked about acts of discrimination, saying some incidents had been created by his opponents to generate negative media coverage.
Apr 2012
East coast USA
Trump has no problem looking bad, his base must be blind.
Could you think of a worse candidate or president in our history ?
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