Trump Supporters Are Nazis, But ISIS Terrorists Are ‘Religious Scholars’

Dec 2006
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IMO, Democrats and leftwing media lost a chance with this level of biased reporting.

If they could have acknowledged that a murdering, torturing and raping terrorist, who burned people alive in cages being killed was a good thing. At least then that would give some appearance of balance so that maybe the next few hate Trump stories might carry a little weight.

Especially that this has now been memed to death; Dalmer becomes a fine meat connoisseur, among other killers who get similarly glowing "obituaries".
You are dishonest. No one on the left gave a glowing obituary. No one is dad that Soleimani is dead. We just want answers as to how and why because Congress is a co-equal branch and the American people deserve the truth as to what happened. We are sick to death of the lies and the gaslighting and the bullshit from this administration. Is that really so hard for you to understand? Or are you a pathological liar like your president?
Dec 2006
In the Witness Protection Program
Nonsense, you are listening to leftist media. Democracy is just fine. AS the thread title states. Democrats will down play an Isis killer but run a campaign to oust our elected president. Three solid years of media bullshit.
Um... Soleimani was NOT part of ISIS. They are glad he’s dead. Good grief. Educate yourself for a change.
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Jun 2019
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You obviously never read the part in the Bible where it says to forgive others so you will be forgiven. Unless we forgive, we will be tormented. Irony.

Does that mean you've forgiven Hillary Clinton, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, & Adam Schiff? :)


Feb 2010
So MichelleZ and her favorite ranter don't like the way journalists write obituaries. She quotes a Washington Post obit and complains that it calls Al-Baghdadi a "religious scholar" (though he was that) because he was also a vicious murderer. Thing is, the same article also says this:
Mr. Baghdadi also embraced a kind of extreme brutality that would become the group’s trademark. While his predecessors gained notoriety with videotaped beheadings and bombings of school playgrounds, Mr. Baghdadi reveled in ghoulish displays of violence, often as the subject of elaborately produced videos. His followers carried out mass crucifixions, turned female captives into sex slaves and gleefully executed prisoners by stoning, hacking or burning them alive — always with Mr. Baghdadi’s implicit blessing.

The obituary is is evenhanded, noting that Baghdadi was able to united desperate factions of people who might not otherwise get along in order to accomplish his terrible goals.

Strange that some conservatives decry a lack of objectivity in the media, but then they also hate it when the media is evenhanded. They should make up their minds, unless their only goal is to make sure that all news coverage reflects their own biases, exclusively.