Trump takes credit for Obama’s gains for vets

Jul 2017
Another day, another Trump lie.

Trump takes credit for Obama’s gains for vets
WASHINGTON (AP) — Boastful on the occasion of Memorial Day, President Donald Trump and his Veterans Affairs secretary are claiming full credit for health care improvements that were underway before they took office.

Trump said he passed a private-sector health care program, Veterans Choice, after failed attempts by past presidents for the last “45 years.” That’s not true. The Choice program, which allows veterans to see doctors outside the government-run VA system at taxpayer expense, was first passed in 2014 under President Barack Obama.
Jul 2014
You have an alternative? What is it?
Less crooks in Congress.

That's the goal.

Now, what's your plan to get there?

My first idea is term limits.

If they are good enough for the president they are good enough for Congress.

But, it won't happen because the inmates are in charge of the asylum.
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