Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse

Sep 2012
Does anyone think that this would be a good idea? Porter had only an 'interim' security clearance, and would not be able to get another.

Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse
President Trump has stayed in touch with Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary who stepped down after allegations that he had abused his two former wives came to light, according to three people familiar with the conversations, and has told some advisers he hopes Mr. Porter returns to work in the West Wing.

The president’s calls with Mr. Porter have increased in the last few weeks, as the number of people he is close to in the White House has dwindled because of the large number of staff departures, the people familiar with the calls said.

In Mr. Trump’s orbit, few people are ever permanently exiled. He often sees aides who are subject to public criticism as extensions of himself, coming under fire because critics want to attack him, and he has described the Porter situation in those terms to some people, those briefed on the discussions said.
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Jan 2016
Well, listen, EVERYONE deserves a second chance. That is a time-honored American principle.

And for the same reason, President Trump is considering issuing a pardon to Dylann Roof.
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Sep 2007
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Jun 2014
Everyone would be yapping about that taking attention away from Trump but, Mueller's investigation will go on. Republicans will have to defend all of it. Obviously Trump can't get anyone to work for him.
Yep. In addition to Trump's affinity for people who are as scummy as he is, the bottom line is that he's having trouble getting decent people to work for him.

Most people with the kind of competence which is needed in a presidential administration have too much sense to step into Trump's swamp. Some decent people said yes to him at the beginning of his administration, before he showed how terrible he is to people who make that mistake. But now we've had his abusive behavior on blast for over a year. No amount of nondisclosure agreements can hide Trump's rot any more.

So, he doesn't have many options. He's at the bottom of the barrel.
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