Trump throws the word 'treason' around far too carelessly

Nov 2016
Oh joy :smirk: But one thing for certain .. Good ol' Mike would be less embarrassing and less dangerous to our country.
True. He may be a religious zealot, which itself is scary, but at least he wouldn’t be hurling out bogus accusations of treason the way trump and his minions do, and I’d hope that we’d have saner foreign and immigration policies.
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
You’re making no sense now. We’re not the ones making out-of-touch-with-reality statements about Hillary being instated. You are.
Out-of-touch-with-reality statements are about the only statements the average Trump defender knows. ;)
Dec 2018
the Heart of America
Whataboutisms much?

Anything intellectual to contribute?
New word? You should look up what it means before using it since it only makes a person look fucking stupid to misuse a word.

All the time. How about you? Do you plan on contributing anything intellectual soon or are you just going to stick with same old RWNJ tropes?