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Jan 2014
Title: Nevada ruled from the grave

1. The following are excerpts from Business Insider's November 7, 2018 article headlined "A Nevada pimp who said he’s just like Trump won a state election even though he died 3 weeks ago".

(Begin excerpts)
A pimp who was inspired by Donald Trump to get involved in politics has been elected to Nevada’s state assembly even though he died three weeks ago.

Dennis Hof, a reality-television star and pimp who owned several brothels, had been running for Nevada’s state legislature when he was found dead on October 16, two days after this 72nd birthday....

By that time, it was too late to take his name off the ballot. Republicans in the state urged voters to cast their ballot for him anyway to keep the seat from the Democrats. Under state law, if a candidate who has died is elected, someone from the same party is appointed by local officials to fill the seat....

Hof called himself “The Trump of Pahrump,” after his town in Nevada, and beat a three-term incumbent Republican in June’s primary.

He told BuzzFeed in November that he thought support for him mirrored the continued support for Trump after the emergence of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

He said: “Women were like, ‘Yeah, we won’t vote for him.’ Till they got behind the f–king ballot box and nobody’s looking – boop, ‘I want a man. I don’t give a shit how many p—sies he grabs, I want a man that’ll make things happen'”

“And the same thing with me.”....

He faced multiple accusations of sexual assault, and these were under investigation when he died, according to BuzzFeed. (End excerpts)

2. Dennis Hof often referred to himself as “the Trump of Pahrump,” a nickname that he said Roger Stone, an adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump and an early supporter of Hof, had come up with.

Donald Trump is infamous for giving defamatory nicknames to others such as Little Marco, Crooked Hillary and Sloppy Stephen. The late brothel owner’s nickname was definitely not music to the ears of "blame king" Trump. Neither were Hof's apparent "flattering remarks".

Sources as listed below:

A Nevada pimp who said he’s just like Trump won a state election even though he died 3 weeks ago

A dead Republican pimp has won a state assembly seat in Nevada
Jan 2014
Title: The Trump of Pahrump

Nevada’s most notorious pimp, Dennis Hof, had been running for state legislature when he was found dead at one his whorehouses on October 16, two days after his 72nd birthday.

"It's all because Donald Trump was the Christopher Columbus for me," Hof told the Associated Press in a phone call. " He found the way and I jumped on it."

Listing what he shared in common with Trump, Hof said: "We're both famous — and infamous. We're both high-profile. We're both celebrities. We're both successful businessmen. We both have reality television shows. We both have written books. We're both rich and we can't be bought.

"There's a lot of similarities. And we're doing it for the right reasons."

With Trump as a model, Hof ran for office, aiming to reshape the GOP (into what, you guess?)

His campaign slogan “Made Nevada Nevada Again” (MNNA) was a bizarre mirror of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign's catchphrase "Make America Great Again" (MAGA). He called himself the “Trump of Pahrump,” after his hometown in Nevada.

He got over 60 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican district he was favoured to win. However, by the time he was dead, it was too late to take his name off the ballot. Republicans in the state urged voters to cast their ballot for him anyway to keep the seat from the Democrats. Under state law, if a candidate who has died is elected, the seat is still considered vacant and will be filled by the county commissioners, who will select a fellow Republican who resides in the district to serve Hof’s 2-year term.

Since a dead pimp could be elected to office even though he died three weeks ago, I use his self-assigned nickname "the Trump of Pahrump", humorously or sarcastically, to denote the ideal candidate (male or female) for any selection such as election, job, prize, honour, etc.

In short, the Trump of Pahrump denotes the perfect or ideal candidate for a selection.

The following sentences show the use of the new term:

(a) After interviewing 100 job applicants, the manager finally found the Trump of Pahrump to be his secretary.

(b) The majority of voters were casting protest votes as they could not find any Trump of Pahrump among the three presidential candidates.

(c) The old king regarded the youngest of the seven princes as his Trump of Pahrump for the crown.

(d) Of all the candidates who sat the government examinations, he scored the highest grade to become the Trump of Pahrump for the priesthood.

(e) The party's secretary-general said at an election rally: "We would be doing a disservice to the people and the country if we field a team of mediocre candidates. All our candidates are the Trumps of Pahrump for serving the country and the people. In other words, they are the crème de la crème of the country."

(f) The television presenter spoke to the audience: "Here are the ten finalists in the singing contest. All are the Trumps of Pahrump, but only one will trump all to become the champion tonight. So vote wisely and carefully."

(g) The defence minister spoke at a press briefing: "As long as I am the defence minister, only the Trumps of Pahrump can enter the armed forces. Mr X's quick rise to the rank of brigadier general is due to his qualifications and abilities, not that he is the president's son."

(h) The manager explained to his employees: "I have to emphasise that promotion in the company is transparent, fair and square. As long as you are the Trump of Pahrump, you will have the chance of promotion. The two new executives are promoted by virtue of their qualifications and work performance, not because they are my boss's relatives."

(i) The prime minister spoke to the media: "Fake news is going viral that Mr A and Miss A are appointed to senior positions in the cabinet because they are my children. Let's put the issue in perspective. Both of them are graduates from Ivy League universities and are high flyers in the private sector. To accuse me of nepotism is utterly outrageous! They are appointed into the cabinet because they are the Trumps of Pahrump. In short, they are the best I can find to serve the country and the people."

P.S. Fortunately or unfortunately for America, Dennis Hof, the first Trump of Pahrump, was taken away prematurely by the Grim Reaper, otherwise he may become the next US President as he modelled himself on Donald Trump whom he claimed to share many similarities.

Sources as listed below:

Dennis Hof, Nevada's most famous pimp, wins GOP primary

With Trump as a model, Nevada brothel owner is running for office, aiming to reshape the GOP
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It looks like US elections are getting more and more spooky. :freeze:
I'm rather enjoying it myself.

I'll take this any day over the copy and paste politicians we've had for the last few decades.

I like the Trumps and the people like our little lady communist friend in NY.

Gives me something to talk about.
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Jan 2014
Title: Trumpian umbrella

1. Instead of leaving the umbrella at the door, the person in the video could have closed the umbrella and handed it to an attendant in the plane.

Poor umbrella! It was left “shivering” in the cold long after the user had gone into the plane.

Here I coin the term "Trumpian umbrella" for a person or an object that is considered disposable and dumped when no longer needed. The following three sentences show the use of the new term:

(a) After helping to grow the business from a small shop to a multinational corporation, the co-founder was dumped like a Trumpian umbrella out of the company.

(b) The tearful wife was left alone at home like a Trumpian umbrella while her unfaithful husband went on a long holiday trip with his newfound lover.

(c) The homeless man sought shelter and food from his friend but forsook him like a Trumpian umbrella after winning the lottery jackpot.

2. By the way, please check the long list of notable members who had left the Trump administration.

I end this post with the touching story of the tragic fate of Boxer, a hardworking but naive and ignorant horse in George Orwell's Animal Farm. After losing its usefulness, Boxer became the Trumpian umbrella of the pigs.

(Begin excerpts)
One day, Boxer’s strength fails; he collapses while pulling stone for the windmill. The other animals rush to tell Squealer, while Benjamin and Clover stay near their friend. The pigs announce that they will arrange to bring Boxer to a human hospital to recuperate, but when the cart arrives, Benjamin reads the writing on the cart’s sideboards and announces that Boxer is being sent to a glue maker to be slaughtered. The animals panic and begin crying out to Boxer that he must escape. They hear him kicking feebly inside the cart, but he is unable to get out.

Soon Squealer announces that the doctors could not cure Boxer: he has died at the hospital. He claims to have been at the great horse’s side as he died and calls it the most moving sight he has ever seen—he says that Boxer died praising the glories of Animal Farm. Squealer denounces the false rumors that Boxer was taken to a glue factory, saying that the hospital had simply bought the cart from a glue maker and had failed to paint over the lettering. The animals heave a sigh of relief at this news, and when Napoleon gives a great speech in praise of Boxer, they feel completely soothed.

Not long after the speech, the farmhouse receives a delivery from the grocer, and sounds of revelry erupt from within. The animals murmur among themselves that the pigs have found the money to buy another crate of whisky—though no one knows where they found the money. (End excerpts)

Source: SparkNotes: Animal Farm: Chapter IX

You’re Hired! You’re Fired! Yes, the Turnover at the Top of the Trump Administration Is … “Unprecedented.”

Who has left Trump's administration and orbit?

Trump mocks Mike Pence behind his back saying 'did he make you pray' | Daily Mail Online

Is it game over?
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Jan 2014
Trumpian success

Despite voters signalling strong displeasure with his policies by voting the Democrats back into the House of Representatives for the first time in 8 years, Donald Trump tweeted on 6 November 2018:
To Donald Trump, everything is "Tremendous Success", even if he falls off his "big, beautiful wall" with a boom like Humpty Dumpty, or rather, Trumpty Drumpty. Here I coin the term "Trumpian success" to depict Trump's hyperbolic claim to “Tremendous Success” in everything concerned with him, even if it ends in dismal failure or serious setback.

Political Satire: The Old Man of the Mountain (-1)
Jan 2014
Title: Huawei CFO arrested on US order

1. Hot on the heels of the Trump-Xi meeting at the G20 in Buenos Aires, the Trump administration took three hostile actions in quick succession against China.

(a) As usual, the Jekyll and Hyde US leader keeps up pressure on China by tweeting threats of more tariffs if he cannot get what he wishes for.

(b) It was reported on December 4 that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told diplomats and officials In a foreign policy speech that Trump was not abandoning its global leadership but instead reshaping the post-World War Two system on the basis of sovereign states, not multilateral institutions, as it sees fit to stop “bad actors” such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining.

(c) It was reported on December 5 that Canada has arrested Huawei's global chief financial officer in Vancouver, where she is facing extradition to the US. The arrest is related to violations of US sanctions against Iran. Meng Wanzhou, who is one of the vice chairs on the Chinese technology company's board and the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested on December 1 and a court hearing has been set for Friday.

2. Meng's arrest throws into question whether Chinese citizens and tourists are safe when they travel to countries allied to the US. Now it seems Chinese could be arrested anytime in those countries and extradited to the US to be charged for violation of US laws. It is noted that US sanction against Iran is itself a violation against international law. Hence it would be an outrage and laughing stock for a country that violates international law to arrest and charge foreign citizens as though their countries are US colonies.

It is noted that Meng is a potential successor to her father. Through this arrest, it seems that the US is trying to destroy Huawei once and for all. This in turn is an attempt by the US to destroy China’s high tech industry.

It is ironical that Meng was arrested on December 1, the day of the Trump-Xi meeting at the G20 in Buenos Aires. It would be surprising that Trump and his top aides were unaware of it. It shows that Trump has no sincerity in improving US-Sino relations.

Are those hostile actions taken by Trump as additional bargaining chips? If so, he needs to go for a mental checkup.

Trump shaping new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Pompeo | Reuters
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