Trump's 'blame Obama' mantra reaches new heights of absurdity

Sep 2012
No comment … except that Hair Furor needs a straightjacket.

Trump's 'blame Obama' mantra reaches new heights of absurdity
Should we all send Trump copies of the DSM-V with the relevant excerpts underlined? Who has a couple of weekends to spare?

I mean, seriously. What will it take for Republicans to have him committed? Will it finally be enough when he gives the Queen one of the jars from his personal urine collection? Do they have to catch him shuffling around an abandoned dildo factory at 3 a.m. in Kleenex-box shoes? Is there no limit to how crazy this fucker can get?

Exhibit 5,672: Trump’s campaign sent out an “Official Obama-Russia Accountability Survey” today, and if you Cheeto-dust it for Trump’s fingerprints, you’ll find plenty.

Talking Points Memo:


Okay, then. Of course, Obama tried to warn America about Russian election interference, and he was promptly McConnelled. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign “welcomed” the interference and never alerted the FBI or anyone else about Russia’s shenanigans.

And, yeah, Obama wanted Hillary, not Trump, to win — and the Russians were, well, all-in with helping to install a broken puppet.

So this is just a big bowl of crazy.

Must be Thursday.