Trump's decisive leadership would have saved my Benghazi team

Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Their actions - revealed that they didn't care.

Her lies out of one side of her face while out of the other side of that hag hole she was explaining it was an attack.

Orders to stand down - as many as 3 times. (Not on site - stand down as in do not respond as Trump had troops respond)

"What difference does it make..."

Clearly liberals are so eager to defend politically that
US deaths mean nothing to them. I find this disgusting.
So I'm a liberal now because you say so. Awesome, just like this whole BENGHAZI nonesense.
Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Quit confusing them by hurling cold hard facts at them.
Those aren't "facts" try doing a little research. Quit blaming something that never happened on people YOU hate.

Your hatred is going to destroy you like it has destroyed todays democratic party.
There is no Republican platform except hatred of liberals.
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Here is what the bi-partisan intelligence report concluded:
"there were no US military resources in position to intervene in short order in Benghazi to help defend the Temporary Mission Facility and its Annex."

My fonts are just as big as your fonts!!!

cept for numerous placesthat scrambled, the. Stood down, the post you quoted says otherwise.
Sep 2019
As all threads do this one has veered off the subject of the OP and run its course with me. To sum up all the different arguments and excuses made for obamas mishandling of Benghazi though there is no doubt the threads title was proven.

Trump's decisive leadership would have saved my Benghazi team

Trumps leadership
in the recent attack on our embassy in Iraq stands in stark contrast to obamas lack of leadership in a similar situation in Benghazi. Every excuse possible was proffered for obamas incompetence with Benghazi and the buck was passed around like a joint in the 60s but when all is said and done it's obvious Trump was on the situation like the proverbial chicken on a junebug while obama fumbled and bumbled and wrung his hands in indecision. Trump would have made sure requested air support arrived and been quick and decisive in doing so, of that there is no doubt.
That's my last comment on this subject. I've completely run out of patience with obama apologist and their sickening attitude towards the men obama left twisting in the wind.