Trump's loss in November should pretty much end the "Archie Bunker" vote in the US-

Jun 2013
The GOP can no longer pander to old, white, male racists and bigots and survive as a national party.

They'll blame Trump's loss not just on him...but on those "Archies" out there in the Right who gave Trump the Nomination....and then saw the GOP lose what-could-have-been an easy victory.

They'll make sure that no more "Trumps" are able to become the Nominee....go full-force on their "Hispanic outreach" "women's outreach", etc. And tell the old "Southern Strategy" voters to go to hell.....or, actually, just ignore them and quit throwing them red meat...that eventually comes back to poison the GOP in general elections.

Nobody will play to the "Archie Bunkers" anymore....mostly because they're dying off or being bred into extinction.

It'll also be curious to see what happens at Fox News (the GOP's propaganda arm)....will Hannity, O'Reilly, Doocy, Kilmeade, and Cavuto slowly be replaced by women, blacks, and Latinos???