Trump's Rally in El Paso

Dec 2015
When I was in elementary school, around 1963, the top three names were: Smith, Jones and Brown. I know because my fifth grade teacher was named Brown. Things have sure changed. My old neighborhood was all white in now about 75% Hispanic.
The county I grew-up in was 50% Hispanic or so while I was there, but is now 90% Hispanic. I went back a few years ago, looking for My Old School, but all the old watering holes were boarded-up. I was sad, but I soldiered on and finally found a cantina full of natives, the Hispanic variety of course, and I ended up having a damn good time,

Sad no more. Things change, and we can accept it and move on, or we can be bitter.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Trump claimed 75,000 applications for his Nuremb...El Paso rally, and that the fire dept allowed 10,000 crowd, the EP fire dept confirmed their limit for the Coliseum is only 6,500. Pants on fire again.
The counter-rally with Beto O'Rourke has double that number.
Isn't that what you guys say about ALL the President's rallies?

How' that been working out for you?

Bleat, bleat .....

Gotta love that Alt Left Universe.


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