Trump's Tweets.....a part of his record....His deletions a concern...

Jun 2013
Not only are his deletions a concern from the standpoint of the official record, but when it comes to owning his words and possibly even how some might enter into impeachment inquiries.

"Trump's tweets constitute an important part of the presidential record and should be preserved for the public as such, according to Sarah Quigley, the chairperson of the Society of American Archivists' Committee on Public Policy. Quigley believes this issue is as much about statutory compliance as it as about democratic health."

"Records of the federal government and of the executive office are how we hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions and for the actions that they take on our behalf and the way that we know what they do ... and judge the decisions that they're making is through access to these records," Quigley said."

Add one more piece to Trump's modus operandi and along with everything else, makes one wonder how Trump conducted business. As a private corporation, he may have long gotten away with things he thinks he could also get away with as POTUS.

We'll see how this enters into the overall character of Trump in measuring and writing up articles of impeachment, which need not be related to any specific one thing, but could be related to overall conduct.