Tucker Carlson: Obama-Appointed Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, May Have Committed Perjury In Testimony On Ukraine


Mar 2019
So, while testifying from memory, she forgot about some vague, inconsequential email to some staffer?

BOMBSHELL! :lol: :lol: :lol: :zany:
Like Flynn? That was a small thing. Seems the DEM liars took it all the way. No such thing as a small LIE under oath. The witch LIED.
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Jan 2015
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'Look forward to chatting with you'? It's 5 words long. You couldn't have just typed that rather than making me go and watch two minutes of Tucker Carlson to find out? No one should have to sit through Tucker Carlson.

Some more detail would be useful here. Is that the whole email? Did she write only that and then forward it on just as she described in her testimony, and engage in no further communication with the staffer? Or is that just the end of a long email setting up a meeting? You'd think these details would be useful if we were actually trying to figure out whether she's committed perjury; rather than just flinging shit around randomly to try and discredit people.
Perhaps you should email Rep. Lee Zeldin and ask him.

Sep 2016
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Her testimony is out and available for everybody to read including to Tucker Carlson. What was the question and what was the answer? He or you should site the page so we can all review it.. I have even provided you with a link that has the transcript available in it to make things easier for you. So what page is it that she makes the statement that is false?

I see you mentioned in another email that the questioning began on about page 213. What she said is that she responded to the first email with a second email that said contact such and such at the State Department see page 216. As far as I can see it's Carlson that is lying. Either that or Carlson just didn't read the rest of her answer. Perhaps he did and doesn't; comprehend the words on the paper. Next !
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Nov 2018
It makes you wonder if any of those questioned told the truth. Schiff may have told them what to say and promised to protect them if they lied. It wouldn't surprise me.