TV actor brutally beaten, NOOSED, and 'bleached' in "MAGA country"--while calling him the F and N words

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Sounds more to me like a false flag attack by Trump haters. The story so far seems too tidy and perfectly planned, right down to the this-is-maga-land comment. It sounds as scripted as a Hollywood propaganda movie. I sincerely hope they catch the perpetrators and punish them to the extent of the law regardless of their motivations. No one deserves to be randomly assaulted.
I wonder how they talked the victim into participating in a false flag operation where he was going to get the shit beat out of him and have to go to the emergency room? That has to be one dedicated Soros Stooge. But go with your scenario, anything to give cover to the fringe right nut jobs that do these hate crimes, right?
Jul 2015
I will say, this story still needs some time. I mean, who's standing around at 2 am with bleach and rope who would just happen to be near this Subway restaurant?
It would easy to follow him. This WAS planned. When a TV CREW moves into town, people know.
Jan 2014
Interesting. The nearest subway is 6 blocks away from lower North Water Street, and it closes at 11.

Damn, if you're gonna tell a lie, it should at least be believable.

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Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
Mr. picturetaker,

Sorry, but this doesn't pass the smell factor. He runs into two guys walking down the street at 2 in the morning that just happen to be wearing ski masks and carrying rope and a bottle of bleach?

More like he was cruising and got mugged, doesn't want to admit it to his husband.
How many muggers carry bleach around with them?