Twitter hasn't aggressively filtered white nationalist content because it could affect GOP politicians


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Jan 2015
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I would put this in the Political Humor category except that it is very serious. Twitter can filter ISIS very tightly but too many GOPer's accounts sound too much like white nationalists and they are in enough trouble with the GOP accusations of censoring the Republicans.

Twitter reportedly doesn't go after white nationalist content as aggressively as it did with ISIS because it would likely mean some Republicans' accounts would be flagged as well, reports Motherboard.

Why it matters: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is walking a fine line between free speech and political peace with the right on the social media platform. Just this week he met with President Trump. Twitter, like other social platforms, has been accused of censoring or down-ranking conservative view points.

Here's how it works: Twitter increasingly relies on machine learning and algorithms to moderate millions of posts. When Twitter implemented a content filter for ISIS content, other innocuous content, such as Arabic speaking broadcasters, was also flagged by the system. Placing an equally aggressive automated content filter to target white nationalist content could impact the posts of some GOP politicians.
Republican politicians could be affected if Twitter aggressively filtered for nationalist content
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Jan 2015
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From your link:

"Twitter told Motherboard these claims are not an "accurate characterization of our policies or enforcement—on any level."

"Claims" ......

Uhm-Hmm .....

aka ....... Fake News.

Another anonymous source Leftist bit of propaganda BS attempt to tie White Supremacist to Patriots.