Twitter Suspends Account That Tracks Violence Against Trump Supporters


Jul 2014
I was not aware that the "left-wing" ran Twitter

But Posbiec sounds like a really nice guy - not

The Rebel has admitted that its former Washington correspondent, Jack Posobiec, plagiarized the work of an extreme-right American activist in one of his videos while still with the Canadian-based alt-right media outlet.

Early on the morning of June 19, freelance journalist Jason Kessler — who has been profiled by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white supremacist and an extremist, respectively — tweeted, “Several instances of Jack Posobiec making a buck off my content.” The tweet was accompanied with three links to sections of a video Kessler made in the middle of March juxtaposed with three nearly identical clips from a Rebel video Posobiec published a month later.

Rebel Media Admits To Plagiarism By Former Correspondent

Who is their right mind would plagiarize a White Supremacist?

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