two foreign born businessmen who helped Guiliani with Ukraine, arrested at Dulles Airport


Apr 2010
Oh pleazzzzzzzzzzze.. I bet if you asked a room full of democrats, they would tell you they never heard of either one of them. Lol
Lol that doesn’t magically make you more informed now does it?

It’s the Trump tactic. “Many people are just learning....”

Now do you have anything to say about the substance of this topic or are you just going to keep whining that you don’t know who prominent journalists are?
Sep 2016
My own world
Speaking of which....
What's the deal with Rick Perry?
He's caught up with this now.

We better start a prayer circle for him.

Actually I hope he comes out somewhat a "good guy." I dunno why but I don't think he's a corrupt-type....
....but I didn't think Lindsay was either. *Sigh*
I don't think so either. I think he really didn't know what Trump was up to. All he asked Trump to do was talk about Ukraines' natural gas but as you'll note Trump didn't even bring it up. I think Trump is just throwing people under the bus and it's people that don't have dirt on him. He's isn't worried about what Perry could say to the FBI because he doesn't know anything.Same with Pence, what Pence knows we already know so Pence can't offer anything up to the FBI more on Trump.
If you will notice he doesn't turn on people if they can implicate him and prove it. He hasn't turned on Volker hoping the assistance he has given is not anything to do with Trump himself and he hasn't turned on Sondland because he hasn't co-operated. Either of those men turn on Trump and they will be given the Cohen treatment. Trump has to worry about Giuliani who probably is getting his own lawyers to find out what charges he faces. I can see Giuliani turning on Trump in a New York minute to get himself off with no jail time.
Sep 2016
My own world
jenniel is having another bad day in her support of sleazy Trump. When will HE through his personal attorney Rudy under the bus jenniel?
He won't until Trey Gowdy tells him Rudy has flipped on him. At that point he'll get the Cohen treatment. Who? Giuliani oh he did a little work for me but I didn't know him that well. I did him a favour years ago and he was just repaying me with his pro bono work....Ha ha.